Pilates Reformer

Change your body with an effective program that develops strength,
flexibility & mobility!

What's included in a pilates reformer membership?

Monthly membership of $149.00 includes the following:

-Unlimited Access to Pilates Reformer Classes 

-Unlimited access to the fitness floor & cardio machines

-Unlimited access to our group fitness classes 

-Access to our swimming pool (during available times)

-Access to our basketball courts (during available times) 

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Only 6 spots available! Register for our FREE Pilates Reformer Trial Class on Saturday November 5th, from 11AM-12PM. 


Benefits of Pilates reformer

  • Great for those with back issues
  • Great for older and younger people
  • Great for pregnant women
  • Great for those with mobility issues


About the fountain fitness center

“The Fountain Fitness Center serves its members with an unparalleled health and wellness experience in a close and convenient location. The more than 46,000 square-foot destination will provide everything members could dream of in the areas of healthy living and sports for individuals of all ages.


The Fountain Spa & Fitness Center in Ramsey location has been a family-owned-and-operated business since 1976 when it first opened as the Ramsey Racquet Club. The family-owned business, led by Rita A. Knutsen expanded over the years to include multiple locations such as Quest 1, Jeff’s Quest Health Club, Quest Tennis & STAR Sports. For over four decades, the Knutsens have demonstrated a long history and heritage in delivering exceptional sports, fitness, and wellness services for families in the local community.