Offering Pool, Pickleball and Recreational Sports Parties! Book an experience at the Fountain Fitness Center your child or significant other will never forget.

Facility room rental at the fountain fitness center

Choose from our newly-renovated Pickleball courts or Indoor Climate-Controlled Swimming Pool! Party rooms available as well for pizza, cake, coffee or whatever you’d like! Ready to book an experience? You’ve come to the right place.

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Pool Parties

Enjoy our climate-controlled swimming pool! Kept at 85-degrees all year around, the kids will enjoy splashing around and swimming. 

Pickleball Parties

Rent our three indoor Pickleball courts for your next party! Whether an adult or kid’s party, Pickleball is fun and exciting for all ages.

Recreational Sports Parties

Our Pickleball room will be divided into three stations: basketball, pickleball and soccer for the children to experience sports activities they will be sure to love!